Work-Life Balance

Develop strategies to ensure aspects of life outside of graduate school are not neglected. The following resources are designed to help you actively attend to work-life balance.
  • Future Prof Series

    These interactive seminars for future professors and professionals provide valuable insight into teaching and career-strategies across the disciplines. The workshops in this series are constantly evolving to meet the current interests of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

  • Take Care: Mental Health and Wellness in Graduate School

    This interactive online module is created specifically for Western graduate students to learn about taking care of their mental health, stress management, and achieving a balance in key aspects of well-being during graduate school.

  • Wellness Forum and Candid Conversations

    The Wellness Forum features keynote speaker Kathleen Moore, a PhD candidate at the University of Toronto. Kathleen's dissertation focuses on graduate student mental health and barriers graduate students face in graduate school. Following Kathleen's talk, participants will work in groups and discuss graduate case scenarios led by the Ombudsperson, Equity & Human Rights Services, Wellness Education Centre, and Teaching Support Centre.