Western Graduate & Postdoctoral  Studies

Beth Compton

Graduate Studies, Western University - Beth Compton (Archaeology)

PhD Candidate, Archaeology
Trillium Scholar 

Multivocal Archaeological Management in the Digital Age

Compton’s research explores the contemporary social implications of multivocal archaeological management in the Digital Age. The focus of this research will be on the development and integration of culturally considerate digital tools that are directly relevant to the interests of First Nations communities.

The hope is that this work will further contribute to the development of more socially responsible archaeological policy that emphasises the accessibility of archaeological collections and encourages meaningful engagement with archaeology and archaeological objects.

“The Sustainable Archaeology project, affiliated with Western, McMaster University, and the Museum of Ontario Archaeology, is a ground-breaking collaborative initiative that will host state of the art research facilities. Western’s active involvement in the project is the primary reason why I chose to attend this university as it provides a truly ideal opportunity to pursue my area of research.”