Western Graduate & Postdoctoral  Studies

Moustapha Diop

Graduate Studies, Western University - Moustapha Diop (French Studies)

PhD Candidate, French Studies
Vanier Scholar 

Les passerelles de l'écriture: la problématique de l'adaptation cinématographique dans l'oeuvre de Sembène Ousmane

The immediate goal I'm pursuing is to revive the work of late Senegalese filmmaker and writer Sembène Ousmane, from a theoretical standpoint. Much has been written about him, but it is his militant ethics, not his film and literary aesthetics, that has so far elicited much interest from critics. There are several implications to this revival, but the most significant in my view is the debunking of myths associated with artistic practice in Africa: that the African artist is either an epigone standing under the influence of a Western father figure, or is drawing inspiration from his or her traditional culture to castigate contemporary mores. Both premises are misguided, and I hope, through my teaching, to help withdraw these false currencies from circulation in academia.

In addition, I'm regularly writing articles for peer-review academic journals such as Black Camera (Indiana University Press).

I chose Western because of the extreme diversity of the research and student communities here, and the rewarding experience of working with and imparting knowledge to students from a wide range of cultural backgrounds. Don't miss out on a unique opportunity to embrace the “world.”