Teaching in the Canadian Classroom

Teaching in the Canadian Classroom is a 16-hour short course designed for international graduate students who would like to explore cultural differences in the classroom and gain confidence as a teaching assistant in the Canadian academic setting. We will discuss common teaching topics, such as lesson planning, active learning, feedback, and classroom management, through a cross-cultural lens. Participants will gain hands-on experience by practising instructional techniques in microteaching sessions where they receive constructive feedback from peers and the instructor.

Hosted by:

  • Centre for Teaching and Learning

Recommended Audience:

  • International and new resident graduate students, international postdoctoral scholars

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify and apply cultural differences in patterns of communication to enhance interactions with students, supervisors, and peers
  • Consider the educational backgrounds and expectations of Canadian students
  • Design and deliver lessons using the Bridge-Outcomes-Pre-Assessment-Participatory Learning-Post-Assessment-Summary (BOPPPS) model
  • Design and deliver active learning strategies that consider students’ diverse communication styles
  • Engage in self-reflection on personal teaching strategies and approaches through microteaching exercises