ENGSCI 9702 - Entrepreneurship and Innovation Experiential - Technology Commercialization

The purpose of this course is to develop the business skills that are required to be a successful Technology Entrepreneur on the world stage. Students will learn the requisite skills to do a proper worldwide “market map”, determine their unique and sustainable technology advantage, how to value their innovation, how to protect their innovation, how to approach strategic partners for mutual success, and how to capitalize these activities when you have no money. Attendance at all classes is mandatory.

Hosted by:

  • Albert Behr, abehr@behrassociates.com

Recommended Audience:

  • Graduate students in Engineering

Dates Offered: 

  • The course is broken into two 3-day sections (7 hrs of class per day), generally running from Thursday to Saturday
  • The first section is offered in May, and the second section is offered in July. Students have a project to be completed in the time between the two sections. Registration typically opens in the Winter term and remains open until May 1st