Own Your Future


Own Your Future 
is Western's doctoral professional development program offered by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies in collaboration with various units across campus. It is a four-year curriculum-based program that facilitates doctoral student self-directed professional development learning and supports doctoral student engagement in maximizing the value and applicability of their doctoral degree for career preparation and development.

Providing Structure to Professional Development

Own Your Future makes explicit key learning outcomes that extend beyond the discipline curriculum to facilitate the development of skills within six professional competencies: 

Meeting the Individual Needs of Western's Doctoral Students

In Own Your Future, doctoral students learn to assess their proficiency in each of the competencies by completing the Own Your Future Self-Assessment. The Self-Assessment helps students make strategic decisions about how to expand their knowledge base and skillset. The ability to self-assess and communicate skill proficiency to employers gives Western's doctoral students a competitive edge in today's labour market.

Own Your Future is open to doctoral students in all disciplines. Doctoral students have the right to participate as much or as little as they want. It is up to students to decide how they engage in the program based on their individual personal and professional goals. 

Individuals with a Western ID can learn more about the program curriculum and how to access the Self-Assessment on the Own Your Future website: uwo.ca/ownyourfuture.