Self-Care and Help Seeking

Attend to signs of neglect and stress to maintain overall health and wellness. The following resources will help you engage in self-care and help-seeking.
  • Staying Motivated in Graduate School

    Staying motivated in graduate school can be challenging, particularly when it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In this presentation, we will discuss factors that affect motivation, challenges to staying motivated in graduate school, and motivational strategies for graduate students.

  • Teaching in the Canadian Classroom

    Teaching in the Canadian Classroom is a 16-hour short course designed for international graduate students who would like to explore cultural differences in the classroom and gain confidence as a teaching assistant in the Canadian academic setting. We will discuss common teaching topics, such as lesson planning, active learning, feedback, and classroom management, through a cross-cultural lens. Participants will gain hands-on experience by practicing instructional techniques in microteaching sessions where they receive constructive feedback from peers and the instructor.

  • Future Prof Series

    These interactive seminars for future professors and professionals provide valuable insight into teaching and career-strategies across the disciplines. The workshops in this series are constantly evolving to meet the current interests of graduate students and postdoctoral scholars.

  • Financial Literacy in Graduate School

    Stay educated about your personal finances to minimize stress and gain confidence in your financial literacy as a graduate student. This workshop will equip you with the knowledge and tools to make informed financial decisions and to create short-term and long-term budgets. Learn tips and tricks to improve your spending habits, understand savings options, and plan the sensible use of credit.

  • Take Care: Mental Health and Wellness in Graduate School

    This interactive online module is created specifically for Western graduate students to learn about taking care of their mental health, stress management, and achieving a balance in key aspects of well-being during graduate school.

  • Wellness Forum and Candid Conversations

    The Wellness Forum features keynote speaker Jennie Massey, Associate Vice-President, Student Experience, Western University. The keynote presentation will be followed by a lunch and graduate stakeholder fair. After lunch, graduate students will break-out into groups for "Candid Conversations", an opportunity to engage in discussion about the graduate student experience.

  • Sleep Hygiene

    This workshop will be led by a professor who will focus on the importance of sleep (and what happens when you don’t get enough of it). The second half of the workshop involves a graduate student providing tips for practising good sleep hygiene.