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Globalink Research Award - Special Opportunity

The Mitacs Globalink Research Award supports international research collaboration. Special research funding is available for graduate students with uncertain status in their current location, to conduct research at a Canadian university.

At this time, Mitacs is accepting applications from individuals studying or conducting research at the graduate level (Master’s or PhD) in the United States, or from individuals who intend to study or conduct research in the United States. Applicants must be experiencing uncertainty with respect to their immigration status in the United States, or expect to experience such difficulty in the United States.

Value and Duration

How to Apply


Students must:

Host supervising professors must:

Home supervising professors must:

Award Guidelines

All parties involved with the Mitacs Globalink program must comply with the Canadian university’s policies regarding the ethical conduct of research and scholarly activities. Any issues or disputes around research or academic misconduct will be subject to the Canadian university’s processes following their institutional policies.

Student’s responsibilities

Host supervisor’s responsibilities

Home supervisor’s responsibilities


All applications will undergo review by an interdisciplinary team. Proposals will be adjudicated based on the following criteria:

About Globalink Research Award adjudication (PDF)


The following deliverables must be submitted to Mitacs no later than one month after the project concludes:


Updated May 10, 2017