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Information Systems within the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies researches and ensures effective use and adaptation of current and new technology, developing functionality and efficiencies for all stakeholders.

SGPS Technology Vision

The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies endeavours to provide stakeholders in the graduate community with the tools necessary to promote the best possible graduate and postdoctoral experience at Western for students, staff, postdoctoral scholars and faculty with a special emphasis on web-based developments.  We strive to support SGPS in conjunction with the greater community; focusing on all technologies that support the graduate and postdoctoral experience at Western in pursuing the automation of mundane and routine tasks where possible, while constantly exploring the potential revision and innovation of current business models.

Information Systems aims to ensure end users are empowered with the tools and knowledge required to perform the tasks they are responsible for; ensuring transparency for all stakeholders.  We hope to empower graduate applicants, students and faculty to best engage their responsibility towards achieving their academic objectives while supporting graduate staff in their professional pursuits.

In implementing services, the Information Systems will pursue action as the early adopters of new institutional technologies at Western.  Where possible we will leverage existing technologies to achieve our goals, but also consider internal innovation to develop 'proof of concept' all the while striving to integrate all processes for eventual implementation within central campus systems; enabling new technologies in partnership with other on-campus service providers.

Ultimately, the Information Systems aspires to develop and promote graduate and postdoctoral services at Western as a technology leader on campus and beyond; consistently working with existing technology providers at Western and collaborating with graduate units at other campuses to better the objectives of all involved.

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