SSHRC Talent Award

The SSHRC Talent Award recognizes outstanding achievement by an individual who holds a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship or Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship (or a SSHRC doctoral award or postdoctoral fellowship).

The Talent Award is given to an individual who maintains academic excellence, has a talent for research and knowledge mobilization, and has demonstrated clear potential to be a future leader within and/or outside the academic sector. One Talent Award will be awarded by SSHRC from the nominations submitted by Canadian universities.

The Talent Award can either be:

  • taken up as a fellowship to fund the recipient's doctoral or postdoctoral research over a one-year period; or
  • used within one year of receiving the award as a grant to support research, knowledge mobilization or other research-related activities. 


selection CRITERIA

  • For full details about the selection criteria, review the SELECTION CRITERIA on the SSHRC website.


  • August 31: Associate Dean provides SGPS ( with the name of a qualified candidate that they would like to be considered for the national competition by this deadline. The earlier a name is provided before thre deadline, the earlier SGPS can start working with the candidate on putting together their file.
    • the candidate must be holding a Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship or a Banting Postdoctoral Fellowship (or a SSHRC doctoral award or postdoctoral fellowship) as of April 1 of the following year i.e. final submission deadline.
  • September 1 – December 31: SGPS coordinates the completion of draft nomination files by each candidate and their supervisor, referees, and administrators.
  • January 10: Deadline for completed draft nomination files submitted to SGPS (
  • January/February: SGPS Talent Award Selection Committee convenes to select the file(s) that will go forward to the national competition.
  • April 1: SGPS submits Western’s nomination(s) to SSHRC.


Every nomination package must include all of the components listed below, with the exception of optional bullet #4 (Career interruptions and special circumstances):

  • Institutional nomination process (one page maximum)
  • Institutional nomination letter and rationale (three pages maximum)
  • Information supporting the nomination
  • Career interruptions and special circumstances (one page maximum, if relevant)
  • SSHRC CVs and consent forms
  • 3 Letters of support, two pages maximum each, from three separate referees

Please note:  the jury will not assess any material beyond the components listed above.

All documents, except for the SSHRC CVs and letters of support, must:

  • be presented in portrait orientation;
  • start on a new page; and
  • use 12-point Times New Roman or comparable font.


Questions about this funding opportunity should be directed to either Paula Menzies Cameron at or Mihaela Harmos at

The Talent Award is one Award program in the suite of Impact Awards being offered by SSHRC, and it is managed by SGPS. Complete information about the Impact Awards program can be found on the SSHRC website. The other Impact Award programs are managed by Western Research.