Residency Reclassification


Western's Community Legal Services (CLS) offers legal services to assist you with:

Applications for Permanent Residency:

  • Express Entry Profile posting assistance; PR applications through the Express Entry system for:
    • Federal Skilled Worker Program (for temporary residents with work experience)
    • Canadian Experience Class (for foreign workers with 1 year of Canadian work experience)
  • Assistance and information for Provincial Nominee Programs including Master’s, PhD and Human Capital Priority streams
  • Sponsorship of Spouse or Partner in Canada Class (by a permanent resident)

Also, CLS may assist with:

  • Post Graduate Work Permit matters
  • drafting and swearing affidavits and preparing notarized copies of documents as may be needed for Immigration application purposes

For information on obtaining permanent residency, please refer to the following chart provided by CLS:

of Partner/Spouse and dependent children in Canada or abroad

NEW: OINP Express Entry option OHCP- Ont. Human Capital Priorities Stream – by Invitation to Exp. Entry Candidates with>400 pts to gain 600 point bonus in Express Entry

Through the Express Entry System

CANADIAN EXPERIENCE CLASS (CEC) Through the Express Entry System

The Express Entry system generates a Comprehensive Ranking Score for you CRS Calculation

Application process by Spouse/Partner
• sponsorship requires “undertaking” with the Government to support for minimum 3 years; 2 years conditional PR safeguard
• no other spouse sponsored for 5 yrs.

OINP needs Job offer (by Employer), or
• Ontario Masters/PhD Streams, or
• Human Capital Priorities Stream Invitation to Express Entry pool >400pts when nominated, will gain 600 pts in EE
• Masters/PhD streams -must be done studies and entering the workforce
• Masters need IELTS test (min. of 6.0)

• Paid, Skilled Work experience = 1 yr F/T or P/T equiv (30 hr/wk (1560 hrs) in 1 job (anywhere in the world during last 10 years)
• Settlement Funds Required (unless you have valid Job Offer)
• Points assessment > 67 pts required

• 1 year of Full-time work in Canada (or equivalent in P/T work over 36 months; F/T=30 hrs/wk)
• minimum Language level (depends on NOC of work experience) *Can’t use work completed while a full-time student

Human Capital Points for: Age, Education, Language and Canadian Work Experience (500) + Skill Transferability Points (100) + Job Offer points (600) = 1200 point total

-based on PR or Citizen sponsorship 
-spouses/partners + children are expedited/ no low-income cutoffs
-10-34 mos. (abroad); 27 mos. (in Canada) - Can apply while a student if eligible

Two-part application (Master’s + PhD)
• Apply- OINP for nomination certificate
• Use cert to apply- CIC office for PR
-$1500 non-refundable OINP appl. fee
-then ($550 + $490) for PR appl.(to CIO-S)
-no previous work experience required
-proof of settlement funds required
-up to 3 mos for OINP nomination certificate + 17mos for PR processing at CIC

Based on past skilled work experience and Points Assessment
-Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) of any foreign credentials claimed for points.
-IELTS (CELPIPorTEF) mandatory for all applicants (test results must be <2yr); min scores of CBL in 7.0 in each area
Can apply while a student if eligible After receiving ITA=<6 months to get PR

Based on Canadian work experience
-must be Post Graduation work experience
-based on short Checklist
-Language testing (IELTS/TEF) mandatory After receiving ITA = < 6 months to get PR

Transferability Points:
-Education + Language (50 each / max of 100)
-Canadian Work + Education
-Foreign Work + Language
-Canadian Work + Foreign Work

Individuals may open a file for assistance at CLS in two ways:

  • after attendance at an Immigration Group Information (IGI) session; 
    • Immigration Group Information (IGI) sessions are scheduled monthly, and students can register via CLS Scheduler
  • after successfully posting their profile, they have received an invitation to apply (ITA) or a notification of interest (NOI) from the Express Entry system.

For further information, please visit Western's Community Legal Services (CLS) or call 519-661-3352.

Application Reimbursement

In addition to these services, the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies and Research Development Services provides a fund to help cover the costs of applying for permanent residency. Once you have paid the application fee, please bring documentation/receipt with your file number on it, to the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies office and we will reimburse you the $550 application fee.

Residency Update

Students who wish to update their residency status with the University must provide proof of this status change to The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Upon confirming your changed residency status (via Record of Landing or Permanent Resident Card), your tuition charges will be reduced to the domestic rate (plus UHIP until OHIP is obtained). Please note the deadlines each term to present landing documentation in order to have the current term's tuition rates reduced.
Other international students may be eligible for domestic-level tuition fees. Please visit the Office of the Registrar's Who Pays Canadian Tuition Fees? website for more information.

International Student Services

International students are encouraged to visit the International and Exchange Student Centre for assistance with immigration questions (study/work permits, temporary resident visas, spousal permits, U.S. visas, etc.) and other government regulations (social insurance number, income taxes, etc.).