Western Graduate & Postdoctoral  Studies

OSAP/Government Student Loans

 The principles behind the Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) are as follows:

OSAP is a joint venture of both the federal and provincial government: it is comprised of CSL (Canada Student Loans) and OSL (Ontario Student Loans). A single application is used in assessing a student's entitlement; however, the two government bodies use different policies to review the information provided. OSAP provides financial assistance for educational costs and basic living expenses. For further information please visit osap.gov.on.ca.

2016 Winter Term Procedures

For specific details regarding OSAP please visit the Registrar’s Office website. Tuition will be remitted from your OSAP funding only if you agreed to this on your OSAP application. If your OSAP funding is not enough to cover your winter term tuition, the outstanding balance MUST be paid by January 8 to avoid a late payment charge.

Please be aware that if you complete your program early this can have an impact on your OSAP entitlement and your eligibility for the Ontario Student Opportunity Grant.

Visit the OSAP website to confirm your loan entitlement. If your government student loan has not been confirmed, you must pay your fees by January 8. If you are unable to pay your fees, contact Student Financial Aid at 519-661-2100 for a possible deferment. This will not be done automatically.

If you have received previous Canada Student Loans and/or Ontario Student Loans and are not receiving loans for winter 2016, please ensure that you pick up a Continuation of Interest-free Status/Confirmation of Enrollment (Schedule 2) and have it completed by a staff person in Student Central. These forms are available in Room 1120, Western Student Services Building or by downloading from the Registrar's website. The Student Financial Aid office is unable to backdate these forms for missed terms.