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Physiology and Pharmacology

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

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Susan McMillan (susan.mcmillan@schulich.uwo.ca)
Graduate Administrator

Department of Physiology and Pharmacology

Western University
Medical Sciences Rm 216
London, Ontario N6A 5C1

t. 519-661-2111 ext. 84224
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The goals of this graduate program are to train students in Physiology and Pharmacology. Graduates of the Master's program will be capable of active participation in a research program, and of teaching the disciplines as well as applying physiological, pharmacological and/or toxicological principles in industrial and professional contexts. Graduation from the Doctoral program is an essential step towards a career as an independent researcher in academia, and to obtain higher level professional positions in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries, as well as government agencies and research-funding organizations.

Times to Completion

  • 12 Terms (4 years)
  • 15 Terms (5 years) - Transfer MSc to PhD

Curriculum Options

  • Full-time study
  • Thesis-based

Funding Details

Applicants (domestic and international) are encouraged to apply for the following scholarships:

Admission Requirements

  • Honours degree (4 year degree) or its equivalent in physiology, pharmacology, toxicology, biology or a related discipline.
  • Minimum academic average of 80% during the final two years of the undergraduate program.
  • M.Sc.,degree in one of the named disciplines, or an M.D. or D.D.S. degree.
  • Under exceptional circumstances direct entry to the Ph.D. program will be considered for applicants holding an Honours degree.

Additional Requirements

  • International students who have obtained an M.Sc. degree from an international institution normally enter the M.Sc. graduate program to start. After one year, research progress is assessed by the student's advisory committee and he/she may be transferred to the Ph.D. program.

Test Requirements

Applicants whose first language is not English must furnish evidence of their proficiency in the use of the English language:

Application Deadline(s)

  • February 1 - Fall Term
  • July 31 (pending spots remaining) - Fall Term
  • March 1 - Summer Term
  • November 1 - Winter Term

Fields of Research

  • Cardiovascular Sciences
  • Cell, Development and Cancer Biology
  • Clinical and Basic Pharmacology
  • Neurosciences
  • Reporductive Biology and Endocrinology