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Canada Graduate Scholarships - Master's (CGSM)

The objective of the Canada Graduate Scholarships - Master’s Program (CGSM) is to help develop research skills and assist in the training of highly qualified personnel by supporting students who demonstrate a high standard of achievement in undergraduate and early graduate studies. The CGS M Program supports 2,500 students annually in all disciplines and is administered jointly by Canada’s three federal granting agencies. Successful applicants will win one of the following awards depending on the focus of the research proposed:



How to Apply: Instructions for Completing an Application
Where to Apply: The Online Application is available in the Research Portal.

CGS M awards are only tenable at eligible Canadian institutions. Western is listed as “The University of Western Ontario” in the Research Portal options for Primary Affiliation and Proposed Host Organization. Up to 5 universities may be identified as Proposed Host Organizations by an applicant.

Transcripts: Up-to-date official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate studies must be scanned as indicated in the instructions and uploaded by the applicant in the appropriate section of the application. CIHR, NSERC and SSHRC consider transcripts issued by the Registrar's Office to the applicants to be official transcripts. Opening the envelope to scan the transcript will not render it unofficial for Tri-Agency purposes. However, transcripts printed from the student's account on the institution website are not considered official and are therefore not acceptable.

Application Helpful Hints

Entry Instructions for Western as the Proposed Host Organization

Faculty – Enter the title of the Faculty that houses your proposed graduate program exactly as it appears in the list below:

Department/Division – Select the option that matches the name of your proposed graduate program at Western. To eliminate any confusion:

Timelines and Deadlines


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All information updated October 2014