Western Graduate & Postdoctoral  Studies

The Appointment Process

There are three critical steps that must be taken in order to register your postdoctoral appointment at Western:

Step 1: Reach an agreement in principle with a faculty researcher 
As a general rule, to become a postdoctoral scholar you must first contact a researcher at Western who shares your research interests and can therefore serve as your faculty supervisor or faculty research mentor.

Items for discussion: 

Be sure to discuss the different appointment types (PDF or PDA) with your supervisor/mentor and discern which is most appropriate.  You will also need financial support. Typically, there are three potential sources of financial support for Postdoctoral Scholars:

Step 2: Complete the online appointment process Step 3: Sign and submit your contract

Most services available to scholars at Western cannot be accessed until this process is complete.

For an overview of the transition to this appointment process, please view Postdoctoral Appointment Process at Western (.ppt).


In order to renew your Postdoctoral Scholar appointment, you will need to complete the above appointment process. Please note, however, that the maximum period that an individual can be appointed as a Postdoctoral Scholar at Western is five years.