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Graduate Teaching Assistantships

Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) make an important contribution to the quality of undergraduate education at Western University. GTAs inspire, encourage and guide students who embark on a learning journey in hundreds of programs in our 11 faculties across campus.  They work with students in lectures and tutorials; proctor exams; conduct field trips; prepare materials or set-up required displays or apparatus for classes, tutorials and laboratories; grade essays, assignments, laboratory reports, tutorials and term tests; and answer students’ questions through meetings or office hours.  A GTA acts as a resource and a mentor to students as they grapple with theories in all disciplines, and as they try to decide how they will use the knowledge they learn from them after they graduate.

One term - 10 hour/week GTAship
(September 1, 2015 – August 31, 2016)
One term - 10 hour/week GTAship
(September 1, 2016 – August 31 2017)

140 hours @ $43.18/hr = $6,045.20 base compensation

Term rate x 4% vacation pay = $241.81

Term Rate inclusive of vacation pay = $6,287.01

Monthly Rate inclusive of vacation pay = $1,571.75

140 hours @ $43.61/hr = $6,105.40 base compensation

Term rate x 4% vacation pay = $244.22

Term Rate inclusive of vacation pay = $6,349.62

Monthly Rate inclusive of vacation pay = $1,587.41

Employment of registered graduate students as graduate teaching assistants is governed by the provisions of The Collective Agreement between The University of Western Ontario and the Public Service Alliance of Canada.

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Current TA Opportunities

Biology: Posted August 16, 2017

Application Deadline: August 28, 2017

Position Description:

Graduate students with a Biology background will be given preference.

Biology 2601A Physiology of Organisms (10 hours per week) This course replaces 2672A and 2660A/B. Responsibilities include supervision of students in the labs and marking of assignments. Participation in safety training and attendance at weekly meetings is expected. Teaching experience is desired.

Biology 2244A Introduction to Statistics (10 hours per week) TAs may be responsible for the following: leading several computer lab sections (~50 students), marking/providing feedback on written assignments, attending regular course meetings, answering student questions about graded assignments, and/or proctoring exams. Theoretical and applied understanding of statistical concepts (e.g. sampling & study design, probability, summary statistics, sampling distributions, confidence intervals, t-tests, correlation & regression, and ANOVA), clarity in spoken English, and excellent interpersonal/teamwork skills are essential.

Environmental Science 1021F (10 hours per week) The major role of the TA(s) will be to assist the instructor in assessing the writing quality and content of the student’s assignment and evaluating primary and secondary literature used by the students. Therefore, the TA(s) will need a basic knowledge of the science of environmental issues, an ability to differentiate types of literature, including non-scientific literature, and strong writing/editing abilities. The TA(s) will be provided marking rubrics for the assignments. In addition, the TA(s) will be responsible for attending tutorials sessions, grading midterm exams, final exams, completing the literature type quiz and attending and grading the student presentations. Office hours will be only for students to discuss graded assignment issues on an as needed basis.

Biology 2290F Scientific Methods in Biology (5 or 10 hours per week) Responsibilities include teaching, providing feedback to students, and marking assignments. Applicants require demonstrable skills in writing, and should have teaching experience.

Biology 2483A Introduction to Ecology Tutorials (10 hours per week) Responsibilities include teaching, marking assignments and record keeping. Applicants should have experience teaching and be knowledgeable in the fields of ecology and evolution.

Biology 1001A/1201A First year biology labs/tutorials (5 or 10 hours per week) Responsibilities include pre-lab talks, in-lab assistance, teaching and assisting students with activities, marking assignments/exams, and record keeping. Applicants should have experience teaching and be knowledgeable in the fields of genetics, physiology, ecology and evolution.

These positions are subject to course and section enrollment. Application deadline: 4:00 pm Monday, August 28, 2017. Send an updated (BRIEF) curriculum vitae or resume of teaching experience to Tricia Gray (tgray5@uwo.ca) via UWO mail server only. All candidates must have the approval of their program supervisor. All applications will be acknowledged; however, only successful candidates will be notified after the deadline has passed.

Computer Science: Posted August 4, 2017

Application Deadline: August 18, 2017

Position Description:

The Department of Computer Science would like to inform qualified graduate students that in the Fall term Teaching Assistant positions are available in the Department of Computer Science.

Responsibilities include attending group meetings with the instructors, instructing hands-on labs, marking of assignments and exams, consultation (electronically and through office hours), exam proctoring, and posting of marks to Sakai Owl 2.

These positions are open to all qualified graduates students, however, preference will be given to students who have either completed the course at Western University or have completed an equivalent course at another institution in good standing, or have demonstrable equivalent experience. The number of positions available is subject to course and section enrollment. More information about each course is given below:

CS 1026 - Preference will be given to applicants with a strong knowledge of the Python programming language. Strong knowledge of the Java programming language is an asset.

CS 1033 - Preference will be given to applicants with experience in web page development and the use of Adobe tools.

CS 1032 Preference will be given to applicants with basic programming knowledge and experience with Microsoft Access and Excel. Familiarity with HTML and XML code is also an asset.

Interested applicants should submit a CV and cover letter via email to: Janice Wiersma (janice@csd.uwo.ca).

GTA Training Programs

Lead TA

The Lead TA program is a new initiative on campus to facilitate the professional development of teaching assistants at a discipline-specific level. Sponsored by the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS), in collaboration with several Faculties on campus, it provides outstanding graduate students with an opportunity to apply their interest, teaching experience, and training beyond traditional TA duties.

During this pilot year, the program will position Lead TAs in 8 departments across campus where they will develop discipline focused TA training activities. By facilitating workshops, developing resources, and offering peer feedback through classroom observations, Lead TAs will serve as mentors, coaches, and liaisons for TAs in their home department.

This initiative to improve the teaching effectiveness of TAs at a departmental level complements the general, interdisciplinary TA training offered by the Teaching Support Centre (TSC).  In order to support the Lead TAs in their own professional development during the year, the TSC will provide ongoing training and resources to the group on facilitation, peer mentoring and teaching excellence.

The Lead TA pilot program is a result of collaboration between the SGPS, the Faculties, the GTA Union and the TSC.  If you would like to learn more about the program, please contact Mihaela Harmos.

TATP - Teaching Assistant Training Program

The Teaching Assistant Training Program is a hands-on, two-and-a-half- day session taught by current Teaching Assistants (TAs) and designed for new TAs embarking on their teaching careers. Learn about fair grading practices, diversity in the classroom, lecturing, and giving students feedback on written work. Choose from concurrent sessions designed to meet your specific discipline-related teaching needs. Get real-time, hands-on teaching experience in our unique micro-teaching sessions, where you can try out your teaching skills and techniques with a small group of your peers and receive helpful, constructive feedback. At the end of the session, you’ll receive a certificate as evidence of your commitment to the development of your knowledge and skill as a teacher.

For more information: http://www.uwo.ca/tsc/graduate_student_programs/tatp.html

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