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Visiting and Exchange Students

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Western accepts several visiting and exchange graduate students each year through agreements with partner institutions from across the globe.

Visiting Students

Western accepts several visiting graduate students each year from all over the world to conduct research or take courses at the University. Students may choose to become a visiting student for several reasons:

Ontario Visiting Graduate Student Program

The Ontario Visiting Graduate Student Plan allows a graduate student registered at a university in Ontario (Home University) to take graduate courses at Western (Host University) without completing further admission formalities. The student pays fees to the Home University and is classified as a visiting student at the Host University, where s/he pays no fees. Interested students must complete an Ontario Visiting Graduate Student Application available at their current university and return it to their home department for approval.

Visiting Graduate Students (Research Only)

Visiting Graduate Students (VGS) are allowed to conduct research at the university but do not fall under an approved exchange program. Students are registered as full-time Visiting Graduate Students on the condition that they cannot take courses at Western. VGS will be charged a processing fee and a fee for a Western Student ID card. International VGS will also be charged for the University Health Insurance Plan.

Interested students must complete a Visiting Graduate Student (Research Only) Application (above), ensuring that all requested information is clearly indicated. The completed form should be submitted to the proposed host supervisor at Western University.

For more information, please visit Western International's Visiting Research Only (VRO) Students.

Canadian Universities Graduate Transfer Agreement

Western is a member of CAGS (Canadian Association for Graduate Studies). With the approval of their program and faculty, students registered in a program at a CAGS member university (the home institution) may take courses for credit at Western (the host institution). The only documentation required is a single-page request form that is completed by the Deans and Graduate Chairs of the host and home institutions. For students in course-based programs, no more than two half-courses can be taken at another institution.

Exchange Students

Exchange programs allow students to experience a new country as they progress towards the completion of their degree. As an exchange student at Western, students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a new and exciting culture while learning and conducting research with some of Canada's foremost scholars.

Western has exchange agreements with several international universities. With the approval of their current program and faculty, students may take courses for their home institution's credit at The University of Western Ontario, subject to the particulars of the home university's exchange agreement with Western. Students on exchange must register as full-time students and pay tuition to their home institution, but are not subject to tuition at the international rate at Western.

For more information, including partner institutions and how to apply, please visit Western's International Learning site.