Thesis Support and Degree Completion


A thesis (or dissertation) is a formal statement of the theory, source materials, methodology, and findings of a student's major research project. It must be a complete and sufficient document that does not require subsidiary information to substantiate its findings. The examination of the thesis exposes the student's work to scholarly criticism.

Remote Thesis Examinations

New procedures designed to support remote thesis examinations have been operating successfully. Your graduate program has been invited to schedule thesis examinations remotely as appropriate.  The decision to proceed with remote thesis exams will be made at the program level, taking into account the needs of the individual programs.

Access the Remote Thesis Examinations Guide HERE.

Thesis Defense Only Status Deadline Extended

The preliminary thesis submission deadline to be eligible for Thesis Defense Only (TDO) status in the summer term is now extended to May 29. Students who wish to be enrolled in TDO status for the summer term must upload their exam-ready thesis to the Scholarship@Western repository before midnight on May 29. A completed Intent to Submit Thesis by End of Term for Thesis Defense Only Status Consideration form should be emailed to Kimi Maruoka ( by May 25. If a form was submitted before this extended deadline was announced, there is no need to resubmit; the extended deadline is available to all students.

Please note: Students on Thesis Defense Only (TDO) status in the winter term whose thesis exam is delayed will have their TDO status extended for another term. Students should submit an additional TDO Intent form to Kimi Maruoka ( to have their summer term registration status updated.

Final Thesis Submission for Degree Completion Deadline

The deadline to submit the final thesis for the degree to be conferred in June is April 30. Students who complete the final thesis submission after April 30 will be eligible for TDO status in the summer term (please submit the TDO Intent form and indicate "for revisions" on the form), and will receive their degrees in October.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to connect with someone online to assist with my thesis development?

Yes! The Writing Support Centre is accepting online submissions of written work. We are not doing any in-person sessions until further notice. You can find out how it works at