Our Services

The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS) invites you to review an overview of some of our services.

International and Graduate Affairs Building (IGAB), Room #1N07
Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
519-661-2102 (General Inquiries) | 519-850-2341 (Admissions Inquiries)

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Graduate admissions is a collaborative effort between SGPS and the graduate program.  SGPS maintains the graduate application service within the Student Center environment and performs an initial preliminary assessment for all submitted applications.  SGPS also provides staffing dedicated to helping applicants with any application-related questions.  

Programs review the SGPS-assessed applications and make decisions on who to admit and not admit to their program. They also determine program-specific requirements and setup such as deadlines to apply, required documents and additional information collected from the applicant.

New Students

  • Transcripts: please arrange to have your electronic copy sent to gradapps@uwo.ca.
  • Study permit: email a clear copy of your study permit to Thomas Bilotta tbilott@uwo.ca.
  • Diploma: email a clear copy of your diploma to gradapps@uwo.ca

Additional Resources

Student Academic Services

The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS) is home to a team that manages all administrative aspects of the graduate student experience throughout a student's time at Western. These services include admission deferrals, changes in registration, course enrollment, degree progression, and all the elements of thesis development.

  • Funding package questions: contact your graduate program
  • Course enrolment questions: contact your graduate program
  • Change of registration questions (e.g. part-time, leave of absence): contact your graduate program
  • Residency/tuition level changes (e.g. new permanent resident): email a clear copy of Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) or other documentation to Thomas Bilotta tbilott@uwo.ca.
  • University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) contact the UHIP office ASK HR
  • Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) health plan contact SOGS sogs@uwo.ca
  • All other non-academic questions contact Student Experience sscm@uwo.ca

Additional Resources

Funding and Fees

In addition to providing funding support packages for our research-based graduate students, SGPS manages provincial, national, and international scholarships, in addition to a suite a donor-funded awards to help our graduate students access every funding opportunity available to them.

  • Tri-Agency (CIHR, NSERC, SSHRC) and Other National/International Awards & Scholarships contact Paula Menzies Cameron pmenzies@uwo.ca
  • Provincial and Donor Awards & Scholarships, including OGS/QEIIGSST contact Erin Daley edaley2@uwo.ca
  • Preparing for Scholarship Competitions contact Paula Menzies Cameron pmenzies@uwo.ca
  • Student Center Payments contact Erin Daley edaley2@uwo.ca

Postdoctoral Services

Postdoctoral Scholars are valued members of the university community. As trained researchers, they have the opportunity to make significant contributions to both the research environment of the University and to their chosen field.

In seeking an opportunity to train or work further in a particular area of research and are expected to work collegially and collaboratively with their faculty researcher. The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS) administers all aspects of the appointment process, and manages the more than 300 postdoctoral scholars throughout their time at Western. SGPS is the primary contact for all inquiries related to postdoctoral appointments, and also manages the Banting and Elevate-MITACS funding competitions.

  • To access any services for postdoctoral scholars, please contact Mihaela Harmos, Postdoctoral Services Coordinator mharmos@uwo.ca.

Own Your Future

The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies offers Own Your Future (OYF), a career and professional development program for doctoral students. OYF empowers PhDs to navigate new and emerging career opportunities. Participants explore how their academic skills and strengths translate to diverse career paths to harness the full value of the PhD. Our unique approach involves innovative self-assessments, strategic partnerships with academic and industry experts, and rich interdisciplinary collaboration among participants.

  • To learn more about Own Your Future, please contact Lorraine Davies ldavies@uwo.ca.