A thesis (or dissertation) is a formal statement of the theory, source materials, methodology, and findings of a student's major research project. It must be a complete and sufficient document that does not require subsidiary information to substantiate its findings. The examination of the thesis exposes the student's work to scholarly criticism.  

Your thesis is the final work of your time in graduate school. You should begin planning your thesis from the very start of your degree program.  These pages are designed to help you begin crafting your thesis and support you on the path towards its eventual publication.

Thesis Examination Guide

  • Remote and In-Person examinations
  • Forms


  • Styles and Templates
  • Technical Requirements

Preliminary Submission

  • Submitting your Thesis


  • When is Copyright Permission Required?
  • Securing Permission from Copyright Holders
  • Copyright Permission Request - Sample Letter
  • Cite Your Sources
  • Permission Denied?  Unavailable?
  • Quick Copyright Links


  • Preliminary Examination of the Thesis
  • Preparing for the Examination

Final Submission

  • Submitting the Final Copy of your Thesis
  • Reviewing your Final Submission


  • Publishing of the Thesis
  • Archiving of the Thesis
  • Continued Access to Scholarship@Western



Western makes use of an electronic thesis and dissertation repository (Scholarship@Western) to manage both the preliminary examination and publication of a thesis.

People from around the world are increasingly taking advantage of the free access to theses and dissertations via Western’s hugely successful Electronic Thesis and Dissertation repository.  The repository was designed to provide a simple way to view a variety of current, academic information created or endorsed by the Western community.