A thesis is a research document. It is a record of the research that the student conducted while completing a graduate degree. Given the research and education mandate of Canada's publicly funded universities, it is expected that the results of this research will be made publicly available.

Publishing of the Thesis
Reference: Regulation 8.4.6 

The University requires that successful graduate theses be made available through the Western Library’s Scholarship@Western program. The thesis will be published electronically at the conclusion of the degree process and will be available globally via the World Wide Web.

At the same time, the University recognizes that the student is the author of the thesis, and retains copyright and control interests in the material.

Note: Students should be conscious of the implications of electronic publication in the digital context: material is accessible to any interested party, academic and non-academic. The record should also be understood to be permanently available – once published electronically, it can be withdrawn from Scholarship@Western, but digital copies will inevitably persist. Students engaging in thesis preparation and research should be mindful of electronic publication and availability as an endpoint of their research. Supervisors, equally, have a responsibility to be acquainted with the implications of electronic publication and advise their students accordingly.

The candidate is asked to permit the release of the thesis to be used for research and also to sign a form to allow the non-exclusive right to reproduce or loan copies of the thesis in microform, paper, or electronic formats. The term "non-exclusive license" means that the author retains the copyright of the thesis and can seek other forms of publication.  

Upon final approved submission, the work is published to the Scholarship@Western ETD repository, pending any requests for a delay of publication.  This repository is publicly accessible, permitting free access to the work.  The repository transmits regular reports via e-mail to the author on how often the work is accessed.

After four years of retention in ProQuest UMI Dissertation Publishing the work is shared with Library and Archives Canada (LAC) in digital (.pdf) form. LAC publishes the work via their Theses Canada Portal.

Archiving of the Thesis
Reference: Regulation 8.4.7

Western preserves all doctoral theses in microform images within microfiche flat sheets formatting.  These archival copies are stored within Western Libraries. Other format versions of the thesis (e.g. paper, digital) may also be retained.

Continued Access to Scholarship@Western

You will be able to view your thesis on Scholarship@Western following its publication. Simply search the collection of ETDs.

You can continue to use Scholarship@Western with access to any collections, including the ETD collection. You are also welcome to become a contributor to other Scholarship@Western communities and/or register for updates.

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