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Accounting GDip
Advanced Health Care Practice MClSc
Anatomy and Cell Biology MSc (Clinical) | MSc (Research) | PhD
Ancient Philosophy MA
Anthropology MA | PhD
Applied Health Sciences Graduate Diploma
Applied Mathematics MSc | PhD
Artificial Intelligence Collaborative Specialization
Astronomy MSc | PhD
Biochemistry MSc | PhD
Biology MSc | PhD
Biomedical Engineering MESc | PhD
Biostatistics Collaborative Specialization
Business EMBA | MBA | PhD
Chemical and Biochemical Engineering MESc | MEng | PhD
Chemistry MSc | PhD
Civil and Environmental Engineering MESc | MEng | PhD
Classics MA | PhD
Clinical Medical Biophysics MSc
Communication Sciences and Disorders MClSc
Comparative Literature MA | PhD
Computer Science MSc | PhD
Data Analytics MDA
Design and Manufacturing Engineering MEng
Developmental Biology Collaborative Specialization
Driving Rehabilitation Therapy MClSc
Economics MA | PhD
Education MA | PhD
Education - Professional MPEd | EdD
Electrical and Computer Engineering MESc | MEng | PhD
Engineering in Medicine Collaborative Specialization
English MA | PhD
Environment and Sustainability MES | Collaborative Specialization
Epidemiology & Biostatistics MSc | PhD
Family Medicine MClSc | PhD
Financial Economics MFE
Foods and Nutrition MScFN
French Studies MA | PhD
Geography MA | MSc | PhD
Geology MSc | MSc (course-based) | PhD
Geophysics MSc | MSc (course-based) | PhD
Global Health Systems in Africa Collaborative Specialization
Health and Rehabilitation Sciences MPT / PhD | MSc | MSc (OT) / PhD | MClSc / PhD | PhD
Health Information Science MHIS | PhD
Hispanic Studies MA | PhD
History MA | PhD
Journalism and Communication MMJC
Kinesiology MA | MSc | PhD
Law LLM | PhD
Law, Studies in MSL
Library & Information Science MLIS | PhD
Linguistics MA
Management MSc
Management of Applied Science MMASc
Mathematics MSc | PhD
Mechanical and Materials Engineering MESc | MEng | PhD
Media Studies MA | PhD
Medical Biophysics MSc | PhD
Microbiology and Immunology MSc | MSc (Accelerated) | PhD
Migration and Ethnic Relations Collaborative Specialization
Mining Law, Finance, and Sustainability Graduate Diploma
Molecular Imaging Collaborative Specialization
Musculoskeletal Health Research Collaborative Specialization
Music DMA | MA Music Theory | MA Musicology | MMus | PhD
Neuroscience MSc | PhD
Nuclear Engineering MEng
Nursing MN | MScN | PhD
Occupational Therapy MSc (OT)
Orthodontics MClD
Pathologists’ Assistant MClSc
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine MSc | PhD
Philosophy MA | PhD
Physical Therapy MPT
Physics MSc | PhD
Physiology and Pharmacology MSc | PhD
Planetary Science and Exploration Collaborative Specialization
Political Science MA | PhD
Popular Music and Culture MA
Professional Communication & Management GDip (PLEASE NOTE: Professional Communication and Management is NOT currently accepting applications.)
Psychology MSc | PhD
Public Administration MPA | GDip
Public Health MPH
Scientific Computing Collaborative Specialization
Social Work MSW
Sociology MA | PhD
Statistics MSc | PhD
Surgery MSc
Theology MA
Theory and Criticism MA | PhD
Transitional Justice and Post-Conflict Reconstruction Collaborative Specialization
Visual Arts MA | MFA | PhD
Women's Studies and Feminist Research MA | PhD