Life & Community


We believe that your health, development, and well-being are equally important to academic achievement.

Your graduate degree is not just a passport to a world of research and new knowledge, but also a prestige marker of innovation, community development, and economic growth. Your Graduate Program helps you make fruitful investments in your own human capital and creates the skilled workforce the world requires.

SGPS encourages you to:

  • Take care of yourself and build supportive relationships
  • Develop as a professional
  • Enjoy and get the most out of your program

Our goal is that all members of our graduate community – students, postdocs, graduate faculty, and staff – have the opportunity to thrive personally and professionally. The areas listed below provide you with a simple path to discover opportunities available across campus to assist you in reaching that goal.


No graduate student is an island, and no graduate degree is achieved without the advice of your colleagues, supervisor, and support services.


Having fun in graduate school is often a foreign concept to graduate students. But you can’t have an "all work and no play" attitude here. Having fun is an integral component to thriving in graduate school.


Graduate school is often referred to as a “balancing act”. On top of studying, researching, and teaching, graduate students have a number of other responsibilities and commitments outside the university.


Graduate School can sometimes feel alienating given the amount of work you do. It’s important for graduate students to reach out to their friends and colleagues and take advantage of all the resources your student government, department, and SGPS has to offer.


Although all your responsibilities as a graduate student are certainly important, the key to your success in graduate school involves making your mental health a priority.