Plan - Time, Finances, and Housing


Graduate School is often referred to as a “Balancing Act”. On top of studying, researching, and teaching, graduate students have a number of other responsibilities and commitments outside the university. Managing increasing financial, time, and everyday life challenges—while staying healthy—may often require additional support and resources. The resources listed below can help you stay on track.

Financial Management

Whether you’re arriving in London for the first time, or if you’re about to enter a different stage in your program, it’s important to keep track of your academic and living expenses.

The tables below are based on the Fall/Winter 2022/2023 tuition rates and the estimated cost of living in a 12-month period for a single adult living in London (in Canadian dollars) and are likely to increase slightly each year.  It is important to note that living costs depend on a number of factors, including a student’s program, familial situation, and personal needs. The figures presented in this table, therefore, could be considerably higher or lower depending on the individual student.

Estimated Costs (Full-Time) Domestic Master's/Doctoral
International Master's International Doctoral
Tuition* $6,360 $18,612 $6,360
Ancillary Fees $1,070.37 $1,070.37 $1,070.37
Health and Dental Plan** $649.14 $649.14 $649.14
UHIP N/A $756 $756
Western ONE Card $32.00 $32.00 $32.00
Textbooks, Equipment, Supplies $500.00 - $1,200 $500.00 - $1,200 $500.00 - $1,200
ESTIMATED TOTAL $9,232.79 $22,204.29 $9,952.79

*Tuition rates vary by program. For a detailed list of graduate program tuition fees, please see the Office of the Registrar’s website.

**If you already have your own Extended Health Care Plan (not OHIP or UHIP), you can opt-out of the Health and Dental Plan. If you would like to opt-in a spouse or partner in the plan, you can do so via an opt-in form. To find out more information about opting out and opting in, visit the Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) website.

Estimated Living Expenses Domestic International
Rent (incl. utilities) $14,400 - $19,000 $14,400 - $19,000
Food $2,400 - $5,500 $2,400 - $5,500
Personal and Household Expenses $1,500 - $2,000 $1,500 - $2,000
Entertainment $800 - $1,000 $800 - $1,000
Transportation $1,800 - $3,000 $1,800 - $3,000
Travel $1,700 $3,500
Technology $600 - $1,100 $600 - $1,100
Additional Health Expenses $350 - $1,000 $350 - $1,000
ESTIMATED TOTAL $23,550 - $34,300 $25,350 - $36,100

Transitioning to Graduate School

Living off-campus next year? Contact Western’s Off-Campus Housing staff for personalized assistance with your housing search in London, Ontario: Services include: Providing tips on searching for off-campus housing; visiting rentals on your behalf (to send you additional photos); and answering questions about leases, bylaws and tenant rights.

Searching for housing before coming to London? You, or someone you trust, should view the property before paying your deposit and signing the lease. Review the International & Exchange Students FAQs on the Off-Campus Housing Services website:

Avoid fraudulent rental properties by searching for rentals with Western’s Off-Campus Housing Services:  You can also book an appointment to have your lease reviewed and questions answered:

Student Experience
Student Experience is home to a comprehensive collection of resources available designed to support you in your graduate student journey. Access information about orientation, time management, carer development and a host of other supports and services customized for you.

How to Survive Your First Year of Graduate School
Nanda Dimitrov, the Associate Director of Western’s Teaching Support Centre, discusses the importance of recognizing the five stages of academic culture shock and offers five tips in Part II of her Academic Culture Shock article on how to survive your transition into graduate school. 


Balancing Life and Graduate School

Graduate Peer Support (GPS)
Every Wednesday from 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m., GPS offers drop-in hours at the Wellness Education Centre for graduate students. Whether you’re looking to grab some refreshments, attend a monthly GRADTalk session, or simply wanting to check-in with someone, GPS is here for you.

Child Care
Western University provides a number of child care services. There are also a number of before and after school programs for your children (kindergarten to 12 years old). Western also provides a listing of parenting resources, prenatal care, babysitting, and public/private school enrollment.