Study - Navigating Academia


No graduate student is an island, and no graduate degree is achieved without the advice of your colleagues, supervisor, and support services. Although you alone are responsible for your academic studies, you are strongly encouraged to ask questions as well as for help throughout your program. With the following resources, you will be able to get the academic support you need to navigate your way through graduate school.

Accessibility and Accommodation

Maps and Directions
Access maps of campus, buildings, hospitals, affiliate colleges, parking lots and more to help you navigate Western.

Accessible Education
Supports and services for students with disabilities at Western, in all programs and faculties.


Academic Reading, Research, and Writing Services

Academic Integrity Module
To support success in graduate studies, all incoming graduate students are required to complete the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (SGPS) Academic Integrity Module in order to progress beyond the first term of their degree. Eligible students can access the module in the Graduate Student Web Services Portal.

Learning Development & Success
Learning Development & Success helps students succeed in graduate school. They cover areas such as time management, goal setting, research organization, habit creation, presentation skills, reading and writing strategies, motivation and positive mindsets, and more. Learn how to balance the challenges of taking courses, conducting research, doing volunteer work, writing your dissertation, and being an effective teacher.

MITACS EDGE workshops are offered online throughout the year and at universities around the country. As a graduate student, you are able to take these courses for free.

The Writing Support Centre (WSC)
The Writing Support Centre (WSC) helps students meet the expectations of graduate-level writing. The WSC offers a variety of workshops and seminars throughout the year designed to assist students meet the specific demands of academic and professional writing.

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL)
The CTL offers workshops, programs, and modules on various topics ranging from teaching, publishing, and navigating graduate school.

Own Your Future
Own Your Future is Western's doctoral professional development program that helps PhD students become career-ready graduates with the skills necessary to excel in their studies and achieve their future goals. By participating in the program, students assess their own strengths and opportunities for growth, choose what skills they want to enhance, and learn how to articulate the skills they've gained in their degree to optimize their future career opportunities.