Artificial Intelligence

Collaborative Specialization

Meet Dimitrios Michael Manias, MESc candidate in Artificial Intelligence

“At Western, the environment is incredible; the faculty and staff are very supportive, and the research being done here is interesting and exciting. I don’t think I would find such a great environment if I went anywhere else.”

Describe your research
I research the use of machine learning in virtual networks. The virtualization of networks is essential in meeting a growing data demand, and the development of future networks (5G included) depend on it. My research pertains to the orchestration of these virtual network functions to make these networks run more efficiently, be faster, and be resilient to faults and failures.

Where’s your favourite place on campus to work?
When I study, I can’t stay in one place for too long, I always like to move around. Most of the time you can find me in the lab in TEB however, I really enjoy the new Engineering building ACEB. There is a lot of space to study and they have meeting rooms that I can book. The nicest thing about ACEB is sitting on the second or third floor and looking out the window, it’s relaxing.

What is it about your grad program that enables you to thrive?
Definitely the support of my supervisor and department are what enable me to be successful. My supervisor is always pushing me to produce higher quality work and he is always extremely supportive of my goals and ideas. He is always available and willing to discuss obstacles and challenges and always encourages me to ‘think outside the box’ to develop innovative solutions.

What one thing would you like people to know about you?
I love languages. Currently, I speak four languages (Greek, English, French, and Spanish) and am in the process of trying to find a fifth to learn.

What’s the best advice you could give to someone considering applying to your graduate program?
Take the initiative and get involved. There are so many opportunities available, but you need to make an effort to get them – they won’t just be handed to you. Engage yourself, talk to your professors and peers, establish your network, and contribute to the Western engineering community.

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Graduate Program Assistant

Department of Computer Science

Western University
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t. 519-661-2111 ext. 83564
f. 519-661-3515

ECE Graduate (
Graduate Coordinator

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Western University
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Participating Degrees

The Collaborative Specialization in Artificial Intelligence (CSAI) is jointly offered by the Computer Science (CS), and the Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) Graduate Programs.

CSAI enhances the education and research of a graduate student by adding a module to their program of study. The concentration is designed so that graduate students develop a solid foundation in artificial intelligence methodologies, enabling technologies which include big data computational platforms, data management systems, and GPU programming, as well as social and ethical challenges/limitations/advantages of AI.

Students in the specialization must demonstrate their mastery of artificial intelligence with an AI-related thesis, project or internship. The CSAI specialization, with its mixture of theoretical and hands-on training, will provide graduate students with the quality experience necessary to prepare them for careers in high-tech Canadian industries.

Program Length

  • Variable

Program Design

  • Full-time study
  • Thesis-based, course-based or project-based

Funding Information

  • The Collaborative Specialization does not provide additional funding beyond what the student receives through their home program.

Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fee schedules (per term) are posted on the Office of the Registrar's website at

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Admission Requirements

  • Current enrolment in a participating graduate program at Western University.
  • Permission of home program supervisor to participate in the Collaborative Specialization.

English Language Proficiency

  • Please see the individual home program requirements.

Application Deadline

  • Please see the individual home program deadlines.