SGPS 9104U: Writing in Graduate School II

This online course will develop your skills and competencies in the rhetorical principles and practices of communicating to diverse audiences with a particular emphasis on communicating to general/non-specialist audiences.

You will learn strategies for effectively communicating complex, disciplinary-specific ideas to non-specialist audiences in ways that are clear, concise and captivating, and focus on refining their writing and presenting skills.

Students will participate in a mixture of short written assignments based on the lay abstracts typically required
for grant applications, and oral presentations that are modeled on the 3 Minute Thesis competition.
The course is open to all disciplines. It is ideal for students who are effective academic writers who want to
learn to adapt their writing to a variety of audiences.

Hosted by:

  • Dr. Aaron Schneider,

Dates Offered:

  • Six-week course from May 4, 2020 - June 8, 2020

Recommended Audience:

  • Students completing a thesis-based degree, at both the doctoral and master's level

What to Expect:

  • This 0.25 credit course will appear on the transcripts of enrolled students with a Pass/Fail notation but will not affect the student's academic average
  • The course may count towards degree program course requirements with permission from the student's department

View the 2019 Course Syllabus (this course will be offered online in summer 2020)

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