Libya North-American Scholarship Program

The Libya-North American Scholarship Program will cover:

  • A monthly living allowance based on marital status and number of children
  • Domestic tuition fees for PhD students (including ancillary fees), and international tuition fees for Master's students (including ancillary fees) paid directly to the educational institution
  • Medical insurance for the student and accompanying family members
  • Annual book allowance
  • One-time payment of computer purchase allowance (which is received at the start of scholarship duration, and is not contingent upon admission to an academic program)
  • Annual plane ticket to and from Libya
  • One-time conference expenses during the whole duration of the sponsorship

The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies will:

  • Ensure the student is registered and record the agreement with the approved dates provided by the Libya-North American Scholarship Program in the Student Center.
  • Report as required to the Libya-North American Scholarship Program on the status and sources of income for these registered students.

On behalf of the host university, the Graduate Program will:

  • Provide Laboratory space, library access, appropriate equipment and supplies to carry out the research project, on the same basis as is done for domestic students.

Office of the Registrar will:

  • Invoice the Libya-North American Scholarship Program each term for domestic tuition (PhD students) and international tuition (Master's students) and ancillary fees for each of these students.