Thesis Defense Only Status


If you have completed all degree requirements (including thesis submission), but have not defended your thesis prior to the end of the current term, you are eligible to continue your registration into the subsequent term in Thesis Defense Only (TDO) status. This additional term of part-time registration makes the completion of your thesis possible while not requiring you to pay tuition fees. (Please note: you will still be responsible to pay part-time ancillary fees and UHIP fees where applicable.)  This status may apply for a maximum of one term.

In order to be considered for TDO status for the subsequent term:

After meeting the above two requirements, you will be registered in TDO status in the subsequent term.  If you submit the Intent form and fail to upload your defense-ready thesis by the deadline, your registration will return to its previous status.

In order to maintain TDO status, you must:

  • Successfully complete your thesis examination.
  • Complete all required thesis revisions.
  • Submit your final thesis to the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies prior to the end of your TDO term.2

If you do not meet these conditions, you will be required to pay part-time tuition retroactively for the TDO term and will continue to be registered until your final thesis is submitted.

Important Notes

1 Please note that the required timelines for thesis submission are still in effect to allow for review by the examining committee:

  • Doctoral preliminary thesis submission – six weeks prior to thesis exam
  • Master’s preliminary thesis submission – three weeks prior to thesis exam

2 Although revisions and final thesis submission may be permitted six weeks after a successful thesis examination, the deadline for final thesis submission to maintain TDO status is the final day of the TDO term.