Internships - Employer Information

Looking to hire Western talent?

Consider hiring a Western Graduate student through the new Graduate Student Internship Program!

Why hire a graduate student intern?

Graduate students are:

  • Highly skilled problem-solvers and critical thinkers
  • Creative and innovative team members
  • Compelling leaders and effective project managers
  • Strong communicators and trained researchers

With these skills, graduate students have the ability to set themselves apart and give your organization a competitive advantage.

Internship requirements:

  • Paid, meaningful work experiences
  • Full-time
  • 4-, 8-, or 12- months in length
  • January, September, and May start times preferred (exceptions can be made where necessary)

Employer Responsibilities

Employers will:

  • Extend all job offers through the Graduate Student Internship Coordinator.
  • Provide accurate and complete information on job responsibilities, compensation, and benefits.
  • Assign a mentor or supervisor to the student to oversee work and provide feedback.
  • Work with the student to establish learning outcomes for the internship.
  • Provide active and continuous supervision and feedback.
  • Orient the student to the internship site and any site-specific policies (i.e., confidentiality).
  • Provide the student with suitable workspace, equipment, and training to achieve their learning outcomes.
  • Complete midterm and final evaluations as required.
  • Maintain regular communication with Western University Internship Coordinator throughout the internship, and report to the Coordinator any concerns related to the student’s performance.
  • Model ethical practice and refrain from any inappropriate or unethical behavior to the student.

How to Post an Internship

To post an internship, please contact

Please visit to find more opportunities for hiring Western talent.

Other Internship Opportunities

Mitacs Accelerate supports collaborative research between for-profit or approved non-profit organizations, interns, and faculty supervisors at Canadian universities.

Participating agencies can solve their research challenges with academic expertise, leveraged funding, and one-to-one support from Mitacs. Internships start at four months and can scale up as much as you need — your financial contribution starts at $7,500 and the student receives $15,000.

Visit the Mitacs Accelerate website for more information.