Internships - Student Information

Looking for an opportunity to apply your knowledge and skills in a work environment? 

Western’s Graduate Student Internship Program is an Experiential Learning program designed to create opportunities for graduate students to:

  • Connect theory with practice
  • Develop professional skills
  • Expand professional portfolios

Graduate student internships are:

  • Paid work experiences
  • Full-time
  • Varying lengths (4-, 8-, 12- months) and begin in January, September, or May

Why participate in an internship?

  • Explore career opportunities both within and outside of your academic discipline.
  • Enhance your employability through improvement of transferable skills.
  • Gain valuable experience to add to your resume and professional portfolio.
  • Apply your academic knowledge and skills within a work setting.
  • Network with organizations and employers in various fields.

Who is Eligible to Participate?

To be eligible to participate in the Graduate Student Internship Program you must:

  • Be registered in a program that does not include a mandatory internship, co-op, practicum, or placement component.
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident. International students are not eligible to participate at this time.
  • Discuss your intentions to explore internship opportunities with your thesis supervisor(s) and/or graduate chair and confirm you meet your graduate program conditions for progression toward the degree.

Student Responsibilities during the Internship

  • Work with your Internship Supervisor to establish learning goals and outcomes for the internship.
  • Attend the internship on days and times agreed upon.
  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner, as a representative of Western University.
  • Complete required midterm and final evaluation reports.
  • Maintain an accurate record of hours dedicated to the internship (if applicable).
  • Remain subject to the rules and regulations of the University, which includes those outlined in the Code of Student Conduct.
  • Discuss with the Internship Supervisor and Western Internship Coordinator any concerns related to the internship experience.
  • Understand program policies related to insurance and WSIB.
  • Fulfill any program or site-specific pre-internship requirements such as work permit, health requirements, criminal record check, etc.

Support Available

Student Experience offers various types of support that can help you apply for an internship posting or other jobs, such as:

  • Resume and cover letter writing
  • Interview skills
  • Career counselling
  • Career research

Visit for more information about the resources available.

How to Participate

Students may explore internships posted on external sites (e.g. company websites and job search websites) and receive approval according to the steps below.

Note: Prior to accepting an internship offer from an employer you must:

  • Send a copy of the role description to so it can be approved as an eligible experience. The role description will be reviewed to ensure that it is a full-time paid position, that there is a dedicated supervisor that is willing to provide feedback and maintain communication with the university, and that the learning opportunities are of a graduate student level caliber.
  • Submit a completed Document of Support to indicating support from your graduate program.
    • Confirm you meet your graduate program conditions for progression toward the degree.
    • Request a Leave of Absence from your graduate program for the duration of your full-time internship, unless all parties involved (degree program, SGPS, and employer) have agreed upon an alternate registration status. (Note: Students registered as Thesis Defense Only (TDO) do not need to take a Leave of Absence) To review the implications of taking a leave of absence please consult:

Other Internship Opportunities

Mitacs Accelerate supports collaborative research between research interns, a faculty supervisor, and a non-academic partner.   You receive a stipend that starts at $10,000, gain experience beyond your academic institution, and increase your employability and professional networks.

Visit the Mitacs Accelerate website for more information.