MITACS Accelerate

In consultation with MITACS and Research Development Services, Western agrees to pay MITACS Accelerate graduate student internship funds as 'scholarship' to qualified graduate students only.

"Scholarships are amounts paid or benefits given to students to enable them to pursue their education. Scholarships usually apply to education at a post-secondary level or beyond, such as at a university, college, technical institute or other educational institution.  Scholarships normally assist the student in proceeding towards a degree, diploma, or other certificate of graduation."


  • Funding starts at $15,000, and your partner organization’s financial contribution starts at $7,500.

Timeline and Deadlines

  • Apply anytime
  • Six- to eight-week peer review
  • College students can do up to one four-month internship, master’s students can do up to four four-month internships and PhD students can do up to eight
  • The Mitacs Accelerate Fellowship supports longer-term projects for graduate students
  • Internships start at four months


  • Full-time students at all Canadian colleges and full-time grad students at all Canadian universities
  • Full-time graduate students in select Mitacs partner countries (visit the  Accelerate International  tab for more details)
  • Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and international students over the age of 18
  • All academic disciplines
  • Eligible businesses and not-for-profit organizations operating in Canada
  • Under the Accelerate Entrepreneur initiative, eligible intern-owned start-ups at approved incubators. Contact to confirm your start-up’s eligibility.
  • For-profit businesses operating outside of Canada

Compensation Rate Determined by agency
CRA Tax Treatment Tax exempt when paid to a registered student; Reported on T4A tax receipt
System Paid Through Student Centre, Contact Erin Daley to arrange payment 
Special Note

These funds are provided through a research project.  Scholarship funds paid to qualified graduate students through SGPS will be expensed to the research project by processing a journal entry:

  • The appropriate expense line is dependent on degree and citizenship of student (please consult this chart provided by Research Accounting for the appropriate expense line)
  • Student number is populated in the reference field and the student name in the description field.