Stay-in-Canada Professional Master's Admission Scholarship

To help decrease the costs of studying in Canada for our international professional Master’s graduate students, Western is pleased to launch the new Stay-in-Canada Professional Master's Admission Scholarship for international students completing an undergraduate degree at Western.

This new scholarship for international graduate students will cover the equivalent of 25% of a student’s professional Master’s program* tuition fee.

This scholarship program represents a new investment in international graduate student support by providing greater flexibility to continue their studies in Canada, and help them open up new career opportunities for the future.

Western is proud to offer these scholarships as we expand and enhance our overall commitment to supporting Canada’s international graduate students.


  • 25% of tuition for an approved professional Master’s program*


  • You must be completing, or have completed in 2024, an undergraduate degree at Western (four-year degrees or higher) as an international student on a study permit. (Ivey graduate programs are not eligible for this scholarship.)
  • You must be applying for admission as a full-time student in an approved professional Master’s program* starting in May 2024 through January 2026.
  • You must be studying on a Canadian study permit.

Method of Payment

  • Funds will be awarded to the student's Student Center account at the start of every term (September, January and May).

Terms and Conditions

  • You must meet the admission conditions as specified in your graduate program SGPS Offer Letter.
  • You must be registered as a full-time graduate student in a Western professional Master’s program*.
  • The Stay-in-Canada Professional Master's Admission Scholarship is limited to the length of the student’s program.
  • You must be paying international graduate student tuition and ancillary fees. Any changes to your status in Canada that qualify you for domestic tuition (i.e., Who Pays Canadian Tuition Fees?) after receiving a scholarship offer may render you ineligible for the initial and any continuing payments.
  • The School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies makes all final decisions regarding eligibility, duration, and conditions of the scholarship.
  • The Stay-in-Canada Professional Master's Admission Scholarship cannot be deferred.


  • Adrian Aguirre Jurado, International Sponsored Students Manager at

If you have questions about study permits, please visit