American Studies

Master of Arts (MA)

Meet Diana Ali, MA candidate in American Studies

“Western has a great campus with a great atmosphere. I enjoy being at Western.”

Why did you come to Western for your graduate degree?
I was interested in a program that would provide me with interdisciplinary research opportunities. I have an undergraduate degree in psychology, but wanted to take a different route with my master’s degree. I also wanted a degree from a school that would be recognized globally for its excellence and innovation, so Western was a great fit.

Do you belong to any university or community groups?
I joined the Purple Spurs and the Caribbean Club.

What is it about your grad program that enables you to thrive and be successful?
American Studies is a great program with a strong sense of community. The professors and staff are knowledgeable and supportive, and the seminars and course work are both interesting and challenging. The program also provides the necessary support and tools that allow students to thrive.

Have you worked as a TA or RA?
I have been working as an RA this term and will be working as a TA next term. As an RA I have learned about new research methods, such as digital history, word frequencies and data mining as well as some interesting historical content.

Have you taken any professional courses that Western makes available to grad students?
I took the Teaching Assistant Training Program. It’s a course on how to teach tutorials. I would recommend it to anyone who is going to TA for the first time.

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Program Contact

Kara Brown (
Graduate Program Advisor

Department of History

Western University
Lawson Hall Rm 2201
London, Ontario N6A 5B6

t. 519-661-2111 ext. 84961
f. 519-661-3010

The Master of Arts in American Studies at Western is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the literature, popular culture, history, and politics of the United States. The purpose of the program is to help students increase their understanding of the meaning and significance of the American identity, and to prepare them for advanced research in the study of the United States. Students will choose from two fields of study: American Cultural Studies or Canadian-American Relations. The MA in American Studies at Western is the first of its kind in Canada.

American Studies is NOT currently accepting applications.

Program Length

  • 3 Terms (1 year)

Program Design

  • Full-time study
  • Course-based, project-based

Funding Information

Admission Requirements

  • Honours (4 years or 20.0 courses) degree in American Studies or a related discipline (examples include, but are not limited to, English, History and Political Science).
  • Achieved at least a B+ (78%) average in the last two years of undergraduate study.

English Language Proficiency

Applicants whose first language is not English must furnish evidence of their proficiency in the use of the English language:

Application Deadline

  • February 1 - Acceptance notification in March